About us

About Us

Bar-Akiva Consulting Engineers was founded in 1979 and since then gives entrepreneurs and architects the consultation and support for electrical power facilities in buildings and infrastructures.

This includes power distribution at all voltages and ratings, communication, lighting, VLV, BMS and SCADA that are integrated in the projects. With the help of our team of engineers, the client will always find the best solution for his or her needs, in all types of projects as unique as can be, with full cooperation and withing the budget limits.

Our goal is to see the project in all of its phases, taking into consideration, not only construction, but also maintenance and operational costs.
This will be done with excellence by our professional team, within the time limit of current tight schedules and using the latest modern tools.

Bar-Akiva Engineers has succeed to rank itself as one of the large design firms in Israel in general, and one of the leaders in Electrical Design. The office has been ranked second in the official D&B ranking in the Electrical Engineering design firms.

Our expertise is in electrical design for diverse buildings, high-rise multi-use towers, large scale public buildings, luxurious residential towers and office buildings. Also we design electrical systems in industrial facilities, advanced hi-tech labs, academic campuses, hospitals and clinics, urban infrastructures, transportation infrastructures and renewable energy power plants.




דוד בר עקיבא - בר עקיבא מהנדסיםDavid Bar-Akiva - General Manager and chief engineer. David’s expertise was always in finding a reliable, flexible and simple solution for power systems in complex buildings. David accompanied in his years of experience hunderds of projects in the field of electrical distribution in Israel and worldwide and gained wide knowledge and deep understating in projects design and execution. 


אבירם בר עקיבא - בר עקיבא מהנדסיםAviram Bar-Akiva – Partner, Electrical and Mechanical engineer, licensed as Electrical engineer and inspector. Joined Bar-Akiva office in 2002 and specializes in high-rise buildings and renewable energies.


רונית בר עקיבא - בר עקיבא מהנדסיםRonit Bar-Akiva – Partner, Electrical engineer and MBA in business management. Licensed as Electrical engineer. Joined Bar-Akiva office in 2007 and specializes in military, strategic facilities and airports.


מיכאל ליבשיץ - בר עקיבא מהנדסיםMichael Livshiz – Partner, Electrical Engineer M.Sc. licensed as Electrical engineer and inspector. Specializes in high-rise buildings, commercial centers and public facilities. Has 30 years working in the field of power distribution design.


Another staff member is Efrat Bar-Akiva, lighting consultant and designer. Efrat hold a B.A in museology. Not only she is an independent lighting consultant, she also represents international lighting design offices working on projects designed and built in Israel.

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Together with the rest of the staff and managed to rank the office as one of the leading design firms in Israel, specifically in the Electrical Engineering field. Our office and been ranked second in the official D&B ranking in Israel in the field of electrical design firms.

Our office expertise is in the design of versatile projects, multi-use high rise buildings, large public buildings, luxury high rise and office buildings with high level of service. Also we are doing projects in the industry section, high tech companies and labs, campuses, hospitals and clinics, urban infrastructure and electrical production facilities – traditional and renewable.

Trying to find a solution specific for each client, meeting budget and schedule needs, foreseeing maintenance and operational requirement for a facility.